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Something to Think About

Something to Think About

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why do you honk at me?

rethink your drink

The English language


The Republican War on Women :(

"I think someone wants me to disappear." #feminism #bodypolicing #sexism #equality

madonna/whore dichotomy

"10 ways NOT to be an asshole" SO much THIS! I'll have to translate this and hand out little cards to certain people. #feminism #equality #respect


xkcd comic, "How It Works". This is how the patriarchy works. #feminism

"Are you a "Nice Guy" frustrated with women bc they won't have sex with you? Tip: Fuck you. The world doesn't owe you shit and you're not nice." #feminism #sexism #misogyny #equality

"There's a 0,003% chance she'll be a lawyer. There's a 42% chance she'll wish she was thinner by the time she get's to the 3rd grade." Shit's fucked up.