aide à la soustraction

Using Beaded Number Rods to help kids visualize addition/subtraction. ~Free number toppers, flashcards and tips/ideas~ From: Common Core connections USA, please visit

Finger counting

Ateliers autonomes /maths chez Mimi

Trier des boutons par taille [activité Montessori

Trier des boutons par taille [activité Montessori

On reproduit les points avec des objets.

Preschool Math Games with Loose Parts - One Perfect Day ****Do this in Block area with big blocks, trucks, waffle blocks, etc.

Les ateliers individuels de manipulation inspirés de la pédagogie MONTESSORI - La f@ce c@chée de la cl@sse - Iconito

Ask the child to place the same number of clips on to match the number shapes on each card. Strengthens the Pincer Grip and Counting.


organisation spatiale - shapes - math - logic - topologie Or we can make a bingo for a bigger kids.

Dyslexie | Dysorthographie | Dyspraxie

C'est pas sorcier - les troubles dys

Dyslexie is a revolutionary new font, designed to make life easier for sufferers of dyslexia.