How to Seal & Waterproof Plaster of Paris (also works on Joint Compound).


How to Waterproof Plaster of Paris | eHow

How to: How to make Faux Mosaic and Stone tiles using Joint Compound - Tutorial also includes faux stone painting technique.

Faux Mosaic and Stone Tiles

How to: Joint Compound/Spackling Paste Paint Finish

No Minimalist Here: Another Spackle Paint Finish

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How to Create Faux Bricks using Joint Compound and a Level + Brick Faux Finish Painting Tutorial

Plum Doodles

Faux Bricks Using Drywall Mud - Plum Doodles

How To: Faux Stucco finish using 2 shades of Tinted Joint Compound - Tutorial

How to Add a Faux Stucco Finish to an Inside Wall

DIY Tutorial - Textured Plaster Canvas with Raised Stencil Technique

Art Class – July 2013 | Portland, OR

Low Relief Mural - great inspiration for joint compound texture using string

Stan Bitters Low Relief Ceramic Mural |

How to Mix, Apply & Paint A Tuscan Plaster Wall Treatment using Joint Compound.

How to Apply a Tuscan Plaster Wall Treatment

DIY Textured Art Using Joint Compound/Spackling Paste

The Crafty Mummy

Textured Artwork - The Crafty Mummy


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Inspiration for sculpted joint compound art.. use cookie cutters to make the basic shapes then add detail & texture with tools.

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Monster Mud Recipe - Joint Compound tinted with Latex Paint & "whipped" using a Drill Mixer attachment.

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How To: Texture Painting Technique (uses Plaster of Paris, but Joint Compound would also work for this....*be sure to seal the surface)

Textured Painting

Creating Texture Boards with Joint Compound - Video Tutorial

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inspiration.. love the geometric background mixed with the floral design.

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Diy PB Knockoff Cement Finial - made from a recycled bowl, a wood finial & joint compound/spackle.

Chapman Place: PB Finial

Drywall 101: Using Joint Compound for a Stucco Wall Finish - Detailed Tutorial

Drywall 101: Using Joint Compount for a Stucco Wall Finish

Lighthouse art crafted out of drywall mud/joint compound using household kitchen tools; cake decorating frosting bag/frosting tips & a spatula. Primed and painted the same color as the wall after it was completely dry.

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Laura Z

Diy: How to make a Faux Ancient Fragment using Joint Compound & Rubber Stamps.

Stamptramp: November 2008

Fab example of Faux Breakaway Plaster Exposed Brick Using Joint Compound <3

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Step-by-step Tutorial - Faux Venetian Plaster Technique using Joint Compound

Textured Ceilings Create Interest And Hide Defects

How To Make Plaster (or joint compound) Wall Reliefs - Tutorial


How To Make Plaster Relief Walls

inspiration.. joint compound, palette knife & paint

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Diy Decorative Faux-Stone Columns made from cardboard building forms (Home Depot/Lowes) & cheap terra-cotta flower pots then textured with joint compound! - Tutorial - So Cool!

Decorative Faux-Stone Column