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Mold Making & Casting - DIY

Mold Making & Casting - DIY

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Video Tutorial on how to use Oyumaru Modelling Compound - This product is SO easy to use & produces detailed flexible molds. It becomes pliable and ready to cast when placed in hot water for 3-5 minutes.

  • Sanet Gouws
    Sanet Gouws

    Want to know were can i find oyumaru modeling compound

Resin Casting Video Tutorial - How to Achieve a Faux Wood Grain Finish

How To: Glue Gun Cabochons

Glue Gun Cabochons

How to Make a Textured Plaster Relief using a Clay Mold - Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Stacy Medina
    Stacy Medina

    Oh yeah!!

  • Laura Z
    Laura Z

    My thoughts exactly!! ;)

  • Stacy Medina
    Stacy Medina

    now If I could just FIND or MAKE the time to get all this stuff done....I would be superwoman. (or martha stewart. not sure which. hey. she's wearin a cape...)

  • Laura Z
    Laura Z

    Haha!! No kidding! Pinterest has made my "Creative ADD" 100 times worse! lol

Make a Rubber Mold in only 10 min. using Melt Art Mold-n-Pour molding putty.

Mark Montano: Mold and Cast OR Blue Baby Bindi Bangles!
  • ansa lancaster
    ansa lancaster

    This looks so easy and would be wonderful to use. I have one problem. Where in South Africa can this molding putty be bought

How to Make Sprig Molds.

Ceramic Arts Daily – Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: Making Sprigs

TP/Kleenex Paper Casting Tutorial

michelle ward: Paper Casting Revisited

Make your own inexpensive Flexible Silicone Molds using silicone caulk & corn starch or baking powder. So easy! LOVE this!! Video Tutorial

  • Rossana Jr
    Rossana Jr

    Can I make molds for cake decorations like gum paste or fondant with this? Is it food save?

  • Pinkysil USA
    Pinkysil USA

    Yes, you can use Pinkysil with fondant but for decorative purposes only. We are currently looking into making a food grade safe silicone mold soon! Check our site often for news on that.

  • Clinton Green
    Clinton Green

    can this be used to metal casting? ie something with aluminium? and can talc powder be used instead of corn starch?

  • kathryn anne
    kathryn anne

    will be trying this tomorrow it is fantastic, can see how it could be addictive

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How to apply mold release to an intricate patterned silicone mold.

  • John Grierson
    John Grierson

    can you make a mold using a composition applique. i dont want to use my last one, as i had a lot of trouble to find it many thaks

  • Laura Z
    Laura Z

    Yes you can, John, just be sure to use plenty of release agent (powder, corn starch, vaseline etc..) and it should work just fine.

  • John Grierson
    John Grierson

    thank you

How to make ornamental plaster furniture appliques

How to Make a Mold Using Easy Mold Silicone Rubber ... smart tip -- they used rice to measure how much silicone they would need!

How to make Silicone Molds out of 100% Silicone Caulk & Dish Soap.

World's easiest silicone mold.

How to make Molds with Silicone Caulk, Liquid Glycerin, Corn Starch & Mineral Spirits. Easy & dries completely in under an hour!

Homemade Clay Casting Recipes - Cold Porcelain, Mastic Cold Porcelain, Air Dry Clay & 3 different Cornstarch Clay Recipes. Plus some great tips for working with Cornstarch Clay.

Casting Recipes

How to Make Molds of Objects with Polymer Clay + Tips on creating Textured clay border Molds using items around the house.

Paper Sensei: Making Molds and a Skeleton Key in Polymer Clay

Tutorial – How to Make a Mold out of a Rubber Stamp.

How to make diy embellishments using hot glue and silicone molds. Yes!

10 | February | 2011 | Thefrugalcrafter's Weblog

DIY Silicone mold making - Video Tutorial.

Making a silicone and ultracal matrix mold

How to add Raised Stencil Details to Concrete Castings.

Good Ideas For You | Concrete Ideas

How to make Press-Casting Molds using Sculpey - Tutorial

Press-casting in Sculpey

How to make a Plaster Mold out of Silicone Caulking - Video Tutorial

How to create simple one piece silicone rubber molds. (This technique is ideal for smaller projects) - Video Tutorial

How to Make simple one piece silicone rubber molds

Diy How to: egg carton paper casting. (Egg cartons already contain the binding for paper mache)

Toilet Paper Casting ~ aka: toilet paper on a stamp =)

Hero Arts Techniques: Paper Casting

DIY Paper Casting - Tutorial

Paper Casting Tutorial (Eventually) - The Barefoot Kitchen Witch