Imaduddin Qurrata

Imaduddin Qurrata

Imaduddin Qurrata
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It is how I feel about a lot of people who I thought were my family but turns out they don't give a shit about me so Meh fuck it if they don't like me for something I had no control over I'm going to let them not like me its not like they even cared about me ever even though I have loved them for 5 years -.- -jusdee

Yup, if you ever been surfing a set at sunset you'll know that deep feeling of how the worlds troubles cant touch you. Fuck it!

Fuck off

Art exhibition in Shangaï - The exhibition’s title translates as "Uncooperative Attitude" in Chinese, but the blunter English language sentiment was deemed preferable.


To the cunt that reported my images and got a whole board taken down. If you don't like the shit I pin fuck off and look at someone else's shit.

Black on White

The Rules of a Gentleman: A wonderful hand pulled screen printed poster…