Nicole and Chloe (I. Tarkay)

Tarkay Prints nicole and chloe

Mother and Daughter

Madame Vigee Lebrun and her daughter, Jeanne Lucie Louise - Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun. Artist: Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Completion Date: 1789

A VanGogh fav.

Large Plane Trees (AKA: The Road Menders) - Vincent van Gogh - Painted in November 1889 while in the Saint-Rémy Asylum - Current location: The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.

The Magpie (C. Monet) I love that you can feel the heat from the winter sun along side the coolness in the winter shade.

Claude Monet, La Pie(Magpie), 1889 (Musée d’Orsay).Executed with an unseen before artistic perception. Here the Impressionist landscape was born…No less a snow-covered landscape!