forest ink. have i already pinned something like this? I think so. don't care. still beautiful

50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos

pine evergreen forest trees with reversed out fence -I dont know why but Im really drawn to these guys tattoos with a forest theme on forearm. I love this forest theme!


Why does he have that no regrets tattoo placed. I can't even say I would regret finding out.


I have been wanting a mermaid tattoo. Just a little too big for me, but I love it! Artist: Rich Ives of Steel City Tattoo

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[[]] i want an ocean scene on my left leg, with the colorful coral reef beginning around my ankle/foot top and about halfway up my shin [[]]

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Julie Kennedy, the alternative model known as Lass Suicide, of Suicide Girls

Do you know what a MWT is? You will now!

Hot Girls with Tattoos. Now that the tattoo culture has ridded itself from past stigmas girl are going all out. How sexy it is. Hot Girls and Tattoos.