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Foster creativity by making art supplies easily accessible to kids at all times - great idea for an art corner. Mason jar knockoffs from the dollar store and i could do this for the kiddos! (I already use them for my art, craft, and sewing stuff!

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TO DO IN WALK IN CLOSET // Gorgeous jewelry storage. Earrings on a mesh screen inside a frame, bracelets stacked on the necks of bottles and vases, and necklaces hung on S-hooks from a curtain rod.

Cute idea

Cheese Grater Earring Stand: Paint a cheese grater and hang your earrings on it as a fun and creative way to organize your jewelry! Why didn't we think of this before? Visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore to brainstorm repurposing ideas.

Really cool weekly journal tracking #bulletjournal

Weekly journal tracking w/ memorization & places to track various daily to-dos (vitamins, water, whatever).

https://instagram.com/p/9d-xp9qdu7/ ... Bullet journal, I like the style of writing the dates

Two people can be bullet journaling and have radically different journals and I love that! Hard to say the same about digital task tracking!