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Izzy Caes

I'm a INFP, a nerd, and a Christian. Crazy about Once Upon A Time, Psych, Merlin, Chuck, Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, The Messengers, Monk, 4400,
Izzy Caes
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Adele...songs not as sexy when illustrated.

I will picture this everytime i hear this song now>>> I always thought of Adele having fire powers and shooting a fireball to the rain and touching someone's face😂

lol Messyges....you just have to be a homeschooler to know what this is.

you just have to be a homeschooler to know what this is.<<< I love blimey cow

Blimey cow  7 lies about homeschoolers

You must watch this video if your a homeschooler! Messy Monday's: Seven Lies About Homeschoolers by Blimey Cow

Found this on an app I normally go on, I died.

You are BEAUTIFUL so please shut up and worry about something that matters!<<worry about Urself. U r worth it and after all, Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness. U r beautiful!

Jack Frost vs Dory. Oh my gosh, that's hilariously horrible...

Not sure if I posted this already! But O well! It's hilariously terrible!

Miranda sings

Sleeping, Netflix and Serving Jehovah are all my hobbies.