If you are ready to open your mind to the possibilities beyond today's food growing status quo, check out Sepp Holzer Permaculture.

Holzer Permaculture - A Lifetime of Food Growing Innovation


building a potager garden - a smaller (much) version of this is what I'm dreaming of!!!

Potager Gardens by Stonegate Gardens of Denver, Colorado


Tips for the garden



1-Acre Farm Plan: Here’s What to Plant, Raise, and Build on A Smaller Land

34 Free Chicken Coop Plans & Ideas That You Can Build on Your Own


instructions for growing asparagus



How to plant a lavender hedge for a garden windbreak | PreparednessMama

Planting a Lavender Hedge | PreparednessMama


Follow these building plans to make a raised garden bed on the cheap using cedar fence posts!

Planting a Raised Garden Bed


DIY X frame table

Weekend DIY Picnic Table Project


Ingenious Outdoor Project: How to Build a Patio Fire Pit...

Ingenious Outdoor Project: How to Build a Patio Fire Pit - DIY & Crafts


Pool, relaxing, garden oasis, soak, metal tub

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Include some barn style to the back of your home by installing a sliding screen door.

13 Country Chic Ways to Refresh a Screen Door


Tips and tricks for growing peonies!

Growing Peonies


Pond Liner in floor of coop, allows - hosing out to clean. - draft proofs floor in winter

The Chicken Coop – Final | Trevor's Projects


Did this for last 2 years. 1st over strawberries, then move over blueberries, then over black raspberries. I now get 98% of my crop. Great idea.

PVC Connectors


How to Make a Mold for Concrete Steps | eHow


two step concrete forms

Building Concrete Steps - How To Build Concrete Steps and Stairs


exterior steps rounded | concrete patio steps - group picture, image by tag - keywordpictures ...

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Keep your flock watered, with minimal mess.

PVC Chicken Waterer


Vertical Gardening Is The Way To Go If You Have Limited Space For Gardening.

How To Build A Vertical Vegetable Garden


Gardening: Raised beds with cement blocks

Brilliant Gardening Project: How to Make a Raised Garden Bed Using Cement Blocks


Garlic Water For Plants: Easy DIY organic pesticide:•1 Small Head of Garlic 1 whole head of garlic in a blender. smooth as possible. 2.Add two cups water to the blender and pulse. 3.Pour the mixture into a glass container and sit covered in a dark place for one day. 4.When ready to apply, strain off all the solids and dilute with more water until you have a gallon's worth of solution.

Using Garlic Water for Plants


Infographic: All You Need to Know About Oak Trees - Ways2GoGreen Blog

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Gardening in a Crisis. Over 30 veggies you can grow in 52 days or less! Plus meat you can raise in 8 weeks.

Gardening in a Crisis: Over 30 Veggies You Can Grow in 52 Days or Less! - The Coastal Homestead


Canned Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo Recipe - Gingerly Made