Cars And Their Faces

Cars and Their Faces // glad I'm not the only one who sees faces in cars.

Random Acts of Brilliant Vandalism

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Morning Funny Picture Dump 36 Pics//NOT the best thing I've seen in a while.of course HE would think that tag line is funny.

Things Go Wrong

i-am-an-adult-i-swear: “ angeediiez: “ gaydux: “The kid looks so scared that he shit his pants, but the dad is just like “I’m so proud of my son” ” How did they get to the clinic tho. Did the dad drive there all like “TIS ONLY A FLESH WOUND, COME MY.

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In my opinion Haitian voodoo death bird is the funniest (and most accurate because I think birds are creepy as hell)

Gotta Get This To Punish My Co-Workers

The person who rigged up this ceiling-mounted Nerf gun that can be controlled by a smartphone: being a teacher has a whole new meaning now If you fall asleep, nerf dart. If you argue with the teacher, nerf dart.

Please be a responsible gun owner and consider the safety of yourself and those around you when handling or carrying a firearm

All around the world

Funny pictures about Why People Run In Different Countries. Oh, and cool pics about Why People Run In Different Countries. Also, Why People Run In Different Countries photos.

10+ Creative and Genius Advertising Campaigns You've Ever Seen

Can we all notice the fact that that's a BIG frikin poop compared to that "duck".