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Geek On!

All things geekish.

Geek On!

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The #Gallifreyan #fabric collection by implexity at Spoonflower #DW #geek

MineCraft-y Shower Curtain

Creepy Shower Curtain> Misc Shower Curtains> IMPLEXITY DESIGNS

Bacon Pi

I'D HIT THAT Women's Boy Brief

Always HP $12.50

Get your Hogwarts on!

Star Wars / Sesame Street (Bert / Ernie) Mashup

Felix Felicis Flask

Implexity Designs on Cafe Press

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor


All that is gold does not glitter... #LotR #tattoo #geek #Tolkein

Can't pin directly from Facebook, so I had to down/upload this cleverness. :)

The new Hover Car was one of the creations that came out of Volkswagen's People's Car Project in China.

Pi Day is 3.14 (OctoPi)

Periodic Table Pillowcase

My son LOVES his Minecraft tshirt!

Math Pirate Sweatshirt

Every Day I'm Buffering

Heavy Metals