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Keeping Photography simple, a quick lesson: 101 Photo Basics | Exposure


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A Quick list of places you can get free or cheap photography education from basics to pros!

Door County Sunrise by Spencer Hughes on 500px

Pink Fly Photography | Dallas, Texas High School Senior Photographer

15 Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out To Show Their Surroundings

Walker Stalker by Spencer Hughes on 500px

Sprinkles instead of rice at your wedding- great pics- but how do you keep your guests from eating them lol!

  • Jennifer Steen Booher

    Cute shot - the link is broken, though.

  • Tracey Ramsey

    That would be very expensive.

  • Natasha Robinson

    The link is just a photographer repin of the idea, no explanation needed. And yes it might be a little expensive, but buy in bulk and look for ideas online. The color is easier to pick up when photographing and won't blend in with all the white of your big day. Happy photoging and pinning.

  • Karen Stepic

    If the sprinkles get wet at all they will stain your wedding dress.

  • Natasha Robinson

    Guys- quit with the negativity. This is an idea for photos to make them look interesting. Who would throw wet sprinkles anyway!?!

Starved Rock by Spencer Hughes on 500px

Lilith Moon: Fail proof poses for photos

This camera trick will have you taking pictures like a pro.

Great Photography Technique

Smoke on the Water by Spencer Hughes on 500px

56 Save the Date Ideas

Family portraits with dogs! They are four legged members of the family, afterall. | Bethany Mills Photography | Marion Indiana Family Photography

When a client brings their own camera {and wedding guests with cameras}

  • Arleen Jackson

    I have had many lost opportunities because of this. People tend to forget who the photographer is when a family member is shooting next to you. They can not help to look in their direction. I had a wedding, where I literally was pushed aside by family members elbowing their way in! I just stopped shooting, stepped back and daid "let me know when oyur finished"!

  • Shannon Brown

    Oh frustrating! I did too though... They all got the message right away - lol.

  • Khushboo Verma

    Tell me about it. Have you witnessed huge ipad screen blocking the whole view and you can see that it is a disaster picture from the screen.

  • Emilee Carter

    Its so frustrating when this happens.