Easily remove sand from your hands by "washing" them with baby powder

I bring baby powder every time to beach! Like to snack at the beach? Easily remove sand from your hands by "washing" them with baby powder! This works great for cleaning kids up after playing in the sand box as well!

DIY pool, lake or beach cooler - cut a noodle and tie a rope through it, wrap around a Rubbermaid bin.

The $1.99 Noodley Beverage Boat

DIY cooler- cut a noodle and tie a rope through it, around a Rubbermaid bin.now all I need is a pool!-) For when you really need a drink while you are in the pool!

Use the pants hanger clips to keep your chip bags closed - I can't tell you how many hangers I have thrown away because one of the clips broke

Plastic hanger chip clips, I have a bag full of these hangers to cut on the saw to use.

Stitch the edges of two washclothes to make a soap storage scrubby - Way more sanitary than a loofah since they are machine washable

In the Bag: 6 Easy Storage Ideas

Soap Storage - Stitch the edges of two washcloths for double-duty bath accessories -- a small bag for soap and the perfect scrub cloth. Machine washable so they won't collect so much bacteria like a loofah might.

Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw

I tried this and it didn't work. Total waste of time and a good rubberband. (Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw).

Chapstick kuzie - could make one out of fabric, maybe a snap closure so it could be put on a keychain and the chapstick wouldn't fall out - would make a great stocking stuffer

These chap stick cozies are awesome. Gave them as Christmas gifts one year and they were a huge hit. You hook them to your purse or keyring so you never have to dig for your lip balm again.----I need one for my purse apron keys ect.

Put Downy Unstopable chips in your scentsy pot and your whole house smells like fresh laundry

Gettin’ Fresh

BEST THING EVER! Downy Unstoppables beads will melt in a wax burner, making the house smell like fresh laundry. I tried it and it works great! Laundry is my favorite smell

Nail polish remover removes stains from tennis shoes

Nail-polish remover removes stains from tennis shoes. Shoe on the left has just been cleaned! I need to clean my coach shoes!

Altered DVD Case

sewing fabric boxes Turn a DVD Case into a cute gift idea like this! Great gift idea~ gift giving ideas. baby gift idea Ideas for Chr.

The changing silhouettes of womens' fashion between 1837 to 1902

Victorian to Edwardian fashion silhouettes. Now this would make a great print vintage fashion style history

An old plastic VCR tape box - fill the front with a picture and screw to the wall. You now have a secret storage place. Hang it next to the front door and put your keys inside, money, etc.

This is a brilliant idea from Heidi Lehto. You can turn an old cassette tape case into a photo frame. All you have to do is to mount the case on your wall with screws, and put your favorite picture on it. The beauty of the idea is that the case &

Toilet paper rolls cut down one side and used as a cuff to save your wrapping paper

toilet paper holder cuffs for the wrapping paper. toilet paper holder cuffs for the wrapping paper. toilet paper holder cuffs for the wrapping paper.

Sandpaper as Knit Depiller - Wipe fine-grit sandpaper GENTLY over a sweater in one direction to lift pesky pills

Fashion New Uses for Old Things

I...Love...This - It's a daily calendar that is reused each year and gets better the longer you use it. Each day you write the year and something that happened that day. Imagine how neat it would be in 10 years.

diy project: vintage postcard calendar journal ~ If I had index cards, or cardstock of any kind, I could make the cards daily or weekly instead of making them all ahead of time.

Another great idea to take on vacation (and there are several other great ideas on this web site)

31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

Turn a pot holder into a heat-safe travel case for your flat iron or curling iron! I didn't love my 31 flat iron case so much I'd get this one.