OP #2 mood board

Another mood board for visual design for yet *another* comic project which I am working on and yet refuse to actually start drawing.
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Ravenclaw Tower. Wow. Certainly wouldn't mind staying in there for school.

I started out looking for book towers - this is what I found My Pottermore house. Ravenclaw Tower by *Whisperwings on deviantART there are drawings of all of the Hogwarts houses. << I love my House!

I laugh as I walk into the room "What are you doing?" He quickly hides whatever he was doing behind his back. I smirk and sit in a chair across from him "So, what was it?" (Open Rp. Be whoever. Credit to @Cass the sass)

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Witch's Son

“ The Witch’s Son by Lauren Nichols ” I like this a lot. You always see things like the witch’s daughter. This is more interesting to me, since it’s rarely done!

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". - WOAH THIS IS SO COOL I DIDN'T KNOW IT LOOKED LIKE WINGS!!!

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". LOTR armour is always incredibly detailed and well thought out.

Stoneheart by Sedeptra

Alter: The Castle on the mountain bridged to the lighthouse - making them significantly smaller, to the perspective with the distance outlined by the foremost structures.

"He sat patiently waiting for his ship home. The war was long over and there was no more need for a battlemage.  The children ran around him, playing cheerfully amongst the crates and packages that were on their way to distant lands. As with all children they became curious, about his bright magi cloak, his silvery white hair, his purple eyes, but most of all they were fixated on the blue glow emanating from his hands. He lit up a conjuring, a small crackle as the butterflies flapped away…

ArtStation - The Man of Armadon, Lap Pun Cheung < More art work inspiration. reminds me of a character I wrote

Dragon Scale Armor | 15 Enchanting Fairy Tale Crafts You Can Own

Nice look, but maybe on leather gloves instead of knitting. Dragon Scale Armor Gauntlets Knitted Scale Maille Elbow Length Custom Made for You>>> would love this for an arm guard ffor archery