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I don't want to be the one who tucks you into bed; I want to be the reason why you can't sleep at night. The One ~ Lang Leav

I am constantly surprised by the longing for You that never quiets. ~ Tyler Knott Gregson get more only on

Little Big Miracle on Miscarriage & Infertility: 10 ways I will be dealing with this negative pregnancy test. "I am constantly surprised by the longing for you that never quiets" ~ Tyler Knott Gregson

Amen, love u babe no matter what! U are my soulmate through thick n thin...we'll get thru this

Love soulmate quote - Shwana`s corner As long as that someone changes you for the better! And you change them for the better in return.

My g-babies are so easy to love...Cameron, Jaydn, Lexus, Kaycee, Lily, Alex, Emma, Kylee, and Luke.

do you know how much i love you? do you know that you consume my every thought and every single time my heart beats it misses you. my soul is connected to you baby and it never feels whole unless it is with you. i love you.