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  • Amanda Leonard
    Amanda Leonard

    And where did I say anything about traditional ? I didn't. But like I said I don't know anyone that uses boxing gloves for contact kickboxing.

  • Amanda Leonard
    Amanda Leonard

    And I did google it. Barely saw any of the gloves you are describing. So you probably should have typed that into google before making the statement.

  • Malory Melford
    Malory Melford

    Then you don't know anything about kickboxing and aparently have never seen a professional kickboxing match . Thoes gloves are for MMA fighting not kickboxing.

  • Amanda Leonard
    Amanda Leonard

    Actually Malory I'm 23 years old and have been kickboxing since I was 15. So I know quite a bit about it. There are kickboxers out there who only use hand wraps. So just because you don't use these doesn't mean other people don't. Just like I have never seen anyone use boxing gloves for kickboxing, but I'm sure they are great for people who can't throw a proper punch to protect their knuckles. But here are some links to pages about these gloves used in kickboxing http://www.fitnessmagazine....

  • Amanda Leonard
    Amanda Leonard

    Wow you can use google and find one site. Good for you. Only one of those links was trainer gloves the rest are not and i really don't value your opinion on this so you can stop trying to prove yourself right at any time. I'll continue training the way I have always been taught to train wearing my everlast kickboxing gloves similar to the ones in this picture.

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hard working

  • Erin T
    Erin T

    Dayum! Ripped

Woooooo Hoooooo

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