The marketing guru explains why its essential nowadays to stand out in the crowd and shows exactly how to do it.

Seth Godin's 9 Tips On Creating A Remarkable Product

From Eric Schmidt to Danny Meyer: How super successful, super busy entrepreneurs organize their day.

In Praise of the Purple Cow - 10 Ways To Raise A Purple Cow

In Praise of the Purple Cow

MARKETING REINVENT: Making and marketing something remarkable means asking new questions and trying new practices. Here are 10 suggestions. In Praise of the Purple Cow

The Purple Cow That's Right Underneath Your Business' Nose | Being remarkable.

The Purple Cow that’s Right Underneath Your Business’ Nose - Marcus Sheridan

This is awesome! | If you really want to build a truly fulfilling business you’ve got to be different and remarkable at the same time.

Simple, effective, and affordable small business marketing and home of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.

Stop Marketing Be Remarkable

Stop Marketing Be Remarkable

Make your company remarkable | Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Make your company remarkable

How to differentiate your company | Make your business stand out

Your Remarkable Selling Point is a focal point that defines your company's unique position in the marketplace.

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