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College-Level Art Lessons

This board includes lessons on IAD relating to the college-level.
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Cereal Box Deconstruction - A lesson where students "deconstruct" cereal boxes into works of art.


College Art Lesson Plan: Cereal Box Abstraction

Temporary Tape Drawings - A lesson where students create interior designs using blue painters tape.


Art Lesson: Painter's Tape Drawings

You can teach your students perspective using the lesson, Yarn and Pushpin Perspective.


Art Lesson: Perspective Using Yarn and Pushpins

Art Lesson: Art With Only Five Lines

Art Lesson: Drawing Plants Six Different Ways

This lesson is called Eye Candy. Students create a trompe l'oeil design composed of photocopied patterns. Trompe l'oeil is French for "deceive the eye," and sometimes refers to what is more commonly known as an optical illusion.


Art Lesson: Eye Candy Optical Art

This lesson uses found materials to create one large visual gift for the public.


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Square Design - Students create an interesting design using only five squares.


Art Lesson: Cubist Geometric Design

Economy of Design - This lesson involves students creating art using the saying, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."


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Students create art using only materials they buy from Dollar Tree. Hence, the name of the lesson, Dollar Tree.


Art Lesson: Dollar Store Art