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    Crocheted birdies - Tutorial. Very cute idea, and you can change the colors for the holidays!

    Knit Bluebird Pattern, I made one of these, and everyone just loves it!

    These are adorable!!! But the directions are in Japanese or Chinese!!! so google translate :S

    Knitted bird made by chalklegs. Free Bluebird of Happiness pattern by Sara Elizabeth Kellner

    Free bird knitting patterns with patterns for toys, ornaments, scarves, booties, more inspired by your favorite bird.

    super easy, just knit a rectangle and then fold and sew together! Finally knitting projects i CAN do!

    Your Quick Reference Guide to Common Increases and Decreases

    18 Ways to Decorate Your Notebooks | About Family Crafts

    Cover composition books from the dollar store with scrap paper and Shazam! A cute gift! Okay, you can keep this for yourself, I won't tell.

    A list of DIYs on how to make friendship bracelets cool again. Learn how to make DIY bracelets from an easy-to-make heart bracelet to DIY beaded bracelets.

    Round Up: 20 Girls' Camp Crafts - cute resin necklace, fabric roses for headbands, etc.

    10 Washi Tape Crafts Kids Love10 Easy Activities To Help Keep The Kids Busy This Summer10 Mess Free Crafts Kids Love

    Beautiful bracelets for girls. Which one do you prefer?

    I seriously just looked at this and made one in under 15 minutes. Even if you're not typically a crafty person, this is one of the simplest friendship/stackable bracelets you can make.

    perfect for Kadyn's 7th birthday party - a craft girl thru and thru!!

    This is a wonderful children's activity for you and the girls. This DIY jewelry paper clip bracelet is easy to do as a family. So put this activity on your schedule and then sit down together and make some colorful bracelets.

    Beauty products are something that I generally avoid dabbling with. One reason is that I just don’t use many! Second, I think to myself… if they are manufactured this well already, is it really worth messing with? But I was on a mission to create some DIY gifts for my friends, so I think I’d…

    23 more cool crafts for teens - a list of crafts from various bloggers using various techniques geared toward teenage girls and boys! These include tech, themed crafts, jewelry and other wearables, and more. Most of these are very functional, creating a positive experience for teens and tweens.

    the best list of cool party crafts for teens and tweens that are inexpensive and fun. Accessories, washi tape crafts, jewelry making crafts, DIY magnets and keychains and more!

    15 Summer Style Friendship Bracelets You Can Make Right Now -This is an awesome pin for people who are both new to making friendship bracelets and who already know the basics.

    Lots of fun Crafts ideas from Good Housekeeping. Learn how to make this "Happy" sign and much more!

    DIY Crafts You Can Make for Less Than $5. Cool and Cheap DIY Project Ideas for Teens, Tweens, Teenager Girls and Adults. Fun Decor, Gifts, Accessories, Fashion and Photo Ideas

    drinking straw weaving! just like i did in 5th grade in miss scott's class. we kept these in our desks for when we were finished our work.

    Will be making this button tree with Arianna once she's a bit older. Can't wait for craft projects with her.

    Super fun and creative crafts for kids to make! Love that these are all ingenious enough for the adults to enjoy, too!

    How to Make a Six Sided Paper Snowflake by Craftiments - Make them out of wax paper and hang them in your windows. Hint: Glue them to the windows with washable glue stick, it washes off easily with a little soapy water.

    If you're looking for great kids games or need some winter boredom busters, you and your family will love these 30 awesome Christmas games for kids!

    Shovel the Snow... put the pile of the snowballs (mini-marshmellows} into the cup using a straw.

    Christmas game - using a candy cane in your mouth, pick up as many other candy canes as you can in a certain amount of time and you can't use your hands!

    If you're looking for great kids games or need some winter boredom busters, you and your family will love these 30 awesome Christmas games for kids!

    Christmas Party Games for Kids ~ Snowman drawing game

    I did this game with a third grade class last year, except they drew a snowman, and they LOVED it! In fact, I have already had requests to do it again this year in fourth grade so I will use this one!

    Minute to win it game; How many marshmallows can you pick up with chopsticks game. I'll call it ghost poop to Halloween it up a bit:)