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Chandigarh , India / I love to pen down my thoughts and writes on different topics and am always eager to listen to them, their stories and thoughts.
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Status of education in Rural India

Communication Skills

As Per The Recent Official Figures, The US Colleges As Well As Universities Have Achieved A Increase In Students’ Number, From Our Nation, India. When Compared To Previous Year. The Quarterly Report About International Students Those Stud


Children are a mirror of their families. They often don’t do what they’re told, but what they see the older people of the house doing. Here are some ways to inculcate values in your Kids.


These suggested guidelines can help students determine when, and how, they should include direct quotes from their sources in their research papers.

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How Internships can help with Career Planning

School children

The children learn from everyone and everything around so school or teacher shouldn't be held responsible. But why has the student teacher relationship lost its charm ?

Education is the Key for Peace in the World. Education for Peace.

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Teaching Language

Importance of teaching children their mother tongue - Indian Youth

Aim of Education is Not knowledge but Action

Aim of Education is Not knowledge but Action