Deep within a forest, Melbourne, Australia-based photographer Lilli Waters allows her wild imagination play out in her hauntingly beautiful series titled Black Sunday. Amidst the shaded expanse of trees and earth, there is a young woman in a long-sleeved gown. She is an anomaly that possesses angelic locks and appears to be dressed for a funeral. All at once, she appears misplaced and right where she belongs.

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Little Red Riding Hood.

Items similar to Little Red Riding Hood. Limited edition art print. From one of my original papercut designs. Beautiful colors. Archival quality print. on Etsy

Wake the inner warrior in you ✨ #illustration #painting #drawing

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she-wolf by

she-wolf by spottyflamingo on deviantART

"Start at the top...go down...little bit further... one more...okay, I lied, but seriously just one more... AND THERE I AM. TADA"

Wonderful Wolves - Community - Google+

Power animal. Wolf. Shamanism

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Magical mirror

Women Who Run With the Wolves

Fantasy | Magical | Fairytale | Surreal | Enchanting | Mystical | Myths | Legends | Stories | Dreams | Adventures | Into the Woods :: Katerina Plotnikova

Into the Woods

✯ Sweetest Tooth :: Artist Courtney Thomas ✯

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Visual metaphors for children by Marta Angel.

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Red riding hood


When the moon is full and radiant, the song she pulls out of us might go something like this: The Wild in us wants out as if stirred from a sleep, out of deep lava flows, from the throes of core to uproar, and soar with supernovas in a cosmic union. Alchemic, poetic -- magnifying in full bloom, the full moon pours forth heart-source Divinity: a luminous light-fire creation flame. "REBELLE SOCIETY"

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little red riding hood - wolf

yelena bryksenkova


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Amazing Fairy Tale Art from a Biology PhD. ❤️ "The Wolfman" by "bluefooted" (Erin) on deviantart

Amazing Fairy Tale Art from a Biology PhD

By Chiara Bautista.

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Love//Little Red Ridding Hood

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Sagebrush & Indigo

Little Red Riding Hood

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art

Red Ridding Hood

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Sagebrush & Indigo

Karolin Schnoor, Little Red Riding Hood

little red riding hood on Tumblr

Dark art: Sexy Beast

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Artist Lucy Campbell

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Wolf Shield by Susan Seddon Boulet

Susan Seddon Boulet - Shamans2

I had been warmly accepted into the pack. How I got here is a long story. To shorten it, I was kicked out of my house by my father and went to my friend for a place to stay. Turns out even best friends have secrets. I remember the day he told me he was a werewolf, I didn't believe him until he shifted right in front of me. Later that day he introduced me to his pack and I was taken in like a pup. Even though I wasn't magical or did anything cool.

Wolf Pack by kickingshoes

#fantasy boy and his wolf