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Christmas Crack - crazy easy to make and beyond addictive... To die for and the best recipe I have ever been given! I make about a dozen batches around the holidays.

See's Candy Original Fudge Recipe!!

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites: 1/2 c. creamy peanut butter- 5 Tbsp room temp. unsalted butter- 1 c. Pretzels, crushed- 5 oz. melted milk chocolate.../

Mint Meltaways.

The BEST Cracker Candy Toffee. Easy to make and only four ingredients.

Pretzels topped w/hug & cooked in 200 degree oven 4-5 minutes, then press m onto it. So cute for any holiday!

Sweet N' Salty Fritos...these are awesome !!!!! I always forget about them but they are sooo good!

Line a 1/2C measuring cup with cling wrap. Put 8 orange slice candies around the edge, and one in the center. Pull the cling wrap up tightly (while still in measuring cup) and twist. Use floral tape as stem and to keep it together.

strawberries dried in the oven. taste like candy but are healthy & natural. 3 hrs at 210 degrees

Chocolate Crack - Click for Recipe

Will have to try these. Caramel Apples ~ Once you try this, you will never go back to unwrapping and melting all those commercial caramels to dunk apples (made from REAL homemade caramel!)

Gummy worm ice cubes - infest drinks as they melt...perfect for a halloween punch

Homemade caramels made in the microwave in 6 minutes. No candy thermometer required. SOLD!

Fill an ice tray with melted chocolate and put strawberries in them and the freeze them

Christmas Peanut Butter Candies --

We gathered a sampling of our best Christmas candy recipes into one place so you can pick and choose your favorites, from the easy to the elaborate, and the traditional to the modern.

Peppermint Meringues