Paula Rosales Laurent

Paula Rosales Laurent

Paula Rosales Laurent
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bathtub paint, using baby shampoo!

We did this tonight and it was super easy to clean up and it kept them entertained for awhile. Bathtub Paint: the recipe: 1 tbsp cornstarch, pumps baby shampoo (about c.), drops food coloring, tsp water I want to do this, it would be fun!

Everybody paints a baby block at a baby shower. Memorable gifts. :)

Paint blocks for a baby shower activity! Great way to remember your guests by having a personalized block for the future baby! And it's crafts. Who doesn't like crafts.

This is a cute game for a baby shower.

I wouldn't do this as a game but is a cute idea to have babies in ice cubes lol Baby shower game ~ "my water broke" ~ put a frozen baby in your drink and when your baby is unfrozen, yell "my water broke". first one to yell wins!