This is a ‘recipe’ for making your own spiral. You can use any thickness of yarn with appropriate sized needles, and when you have read the notes you will be able to experiment and create placemats, cushions, blankets and bedspreads.

Ooh... Entrelac in the round = NO BACKSIDE SHOWING and twice as thick so extra warm, while still nicely draped - could work with a lovely sock yarn! I am intrigued...

DIY Extra Chunky Yarn Tutorial from inspiration & realisation here. *To use this yarn and learn how to knit look these posts from inspiration & realisation: DIY Giant Size 36 Circular Knitting Needles here. DIY Giant Size 36 Knitting Needles here. For other projects using giant needles go here, here and here. Learning How to Knit 101 here.

there are very few times I wish I knew how to knit and not just crochet. This is one of them. Gorgeous cardigan.

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