I Need My Space

I Need My Space

Westchester County, New York  ·  How does I Need My Space define success? Clients who are liberated and accomplish more in a twenty-four hour period than they ever thought possible!
I Need My Space
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very calming and peaceful.

Curtains to hide everyday office stuff. In the office of designer Lindsey Bond's updated cottage in Birmingham, Alabama, curtains soften the room and hide everyday office clutter on the shelves.

Everything Organizer by The Container Store...what I use in my own kitchen junk drawer...everything has a place and always makes it back to it's home!!

Everything Organizer Fast relief for the biggest headache in your house - the junk drawer. Our two-level organizer features 23 compartments plus decals that identify what belongs in each space. It's great for absent-minded family members.

Keep all wraps and zip loss together in a drawer near the frig...makes wrapping up easier!

Over by the refrigerator, designate a drawer where you can keep plastic bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap together to make quick work of storing away leftovers.