Build an awesome booty with our 30 day squat challenge! For one month, you'll complete different variations of squats that tone your glutes and target all the muscles in your butt. At the end of the squat challenge, you'll see a stronger, lifted and toned booty.

30-Day Squat Challenge: One Month to a Better Butt

That's why, for the month of July, we've put together the ultimate squat challenge, featuring 12 squats that tighten and tone. Master a different squat or increase your reps each day, and we'll have you covered where your teeny bikini doesn't.

Replenish your body with nutrients and healthy fats with this peanut butter smoothie! Drink up natural peanut butter mixed with frozen fruit and protein powder for a cold drink that will refresh you after a tough workout.

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Blend a banana, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, 10 oz of milk and 6 ice cubes for a healthy breakfast you can easily take with you. But instead of milk I used a vanilla protein shake and water and mix it with Banana and Peanut butter.

Protein powder and bars are trendy supplements for bodybuilders to bulk up. But, is it really necessary for us regular folks to consume these products in order to lose weight and build muscle? Before supplementing your diet with protein, determine if you are already getting enough from the foods you eat. Our body changes every …

A Beginner's Guide to Protein