door jammer - makes for quiet doors with sleeping babies. make my own.

door jammer - makes for quiet doors with sleeping babies. I remember how my grandmar had scarfs tied around the door handles, so the doors would never slam :)

Gauze Sleepsack

little sevi: Japanese Baby Sleepsack: Naomi Ito: 6 Layer Gauze - Pocho

Our editors top picks for the best baby gear of 2012. Here, the Aden + Anais Serenity Star

Best baby gear of Aden + Anais Serenity StarAden + Anais Serenity Star Hooray for this genius multi-tasking clock/sound machine/nightlight/feeding system that I think will be the next must-have on every mama’s baby registry.

One of the cutest picks in our baby shower gift guide. Because bunnies and duckies are so overrated.

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide 2013

Green Dinosaur Soft Leather Stroller Baby Shoes Take a look at this R Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set by R on today!

One of the best heavy duty dry skin creams ever, made for sensitive skin and allergen-free. Great stuff.

Eczema can tend to flare up as the seasons change. This Extreme Care Cream is a must for soothing and calming severely dry, red, itchy or irritated skin.