“In March, due to a natural phenomenon, Siberia’s Lake Baikal is particularly amazing to photograph. The temperature, wind and sun cause the ice crust to crack and form beautiful turquoise blocks or ice hummocks on the lake’s surface.”  Photograph by Alex El Barto.

The Northern Lake Baikal is famous for it’s unnatural beauty. During the winter, the turquoise Ice cubes are formatted on the top of the lake. Located in Siberia, the Baikal lake creates these stunning turquoise ice cubes.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro is a legendary city. The physical beauty of its beaches and mountains is the stuff of picture postcards. Its shops and restaurants are full of delightful surprises. And the relaxed vibe of its people is infectious. View from Pão de Açúcar

v pretty

Take me to NYC (19 photos)

I think New York City represents the American dream. Its known for the Empire State building, skyscrapers, Central Park, Grand Central Station. It's one of the most beautiful cities in America filled with life.

Hirosaki Castle with cherry trees, Aomori, Japan

Kumihimo color inspiration - fab colors, combinations and palettes: Hirosaki Castle with cherry trees,Aomori,Japan

Coliseo - Rome, Italy ¿Por Qué Roma? Imagina un recorrido guiado en la "Ciudad Eterna" finalizando en San Pedro Vaticano, donde podrás conocer la Basílica y los museos, por la noche incluimos un traslado al Trastévere, animado barrio de la ciudad conocido por sus típicos pequeños restaurantes, puedes complementar tu tarde libre con una excursión opcional a Nápoles, Capri y Pompeya. ViajesPaola #ADondeQuieras

TOP 10 Italian cities you must visit

Mikey and Preston say this would be their dream place to go. The Rome Colosseum ~ construction began in 72 AD and completed in 80 AD, Italy

i would love to be there right now - Jericoacoara, Brasil

13 Lugares no Brasil que você tem que visitar!

Jericoacoara Beach paradise in Ceara state, Brazil. Hammocks, beach and sunshine? This is my version of PARADISE.

Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Retreat to the undeveloped Ilha Grande just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Taj Mahal, viajes, lugares, indu, India by Fran Ojeda

Vist the splendor of the on travel in it great eat of in /// India by Fran Ojeda

Central Park, New York. Start creating your wholelife at thewholepantryapp... #thewholepantryapp @healing_belle

One perfect day: 24 hours in New York City

Top View of Central Park Manhattan, New York City. My favorite place ever ❤️

Paris Nights I Posters por Jeff Maihara na AllPosters.com.br

Paris Nights I