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Anna Belozyorova - Purple Phoenix


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Eu sempre quis fazer uma tatuagem em homenagem à minha avó, mas nunca soube exatamente como resumir em um símbolo tudo que ela representa para mim. Quando um amigo meu da agência me mostrou uma ima…

Behind the Red Door

Especial Tatuagem: A primeira tattoo feita por uma mulher

tatuagem de coruja

Tatuagem de Coruja


Tatuagem feminina na costela: muitas ideias

Confira as mais lindas tatuagens femininas de coruja. Fotos, modelos e significados das tattoos de coruja.

Tatuagens femininas de coruja – Fotos e Significados

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"dead senorita"

Dead Senorita by Razorblade-13 on DeviantArt

sugar skull girl tattoo meaning - Google Search

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cat+sugar+skull - Google Search

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41 Amazing Sugar Skull Tattoos To Celebrate Día De Los Muertos

Sugar skull tattoos made of flowers - I think this is very lovely and beautiful. Something different from the usual sugar skull tattoos. #TattooModels #tattoo

38 Cool Sugar Skull Tattoos

While I am personally not a fan of this style, I like the position the owl is in

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tatouage vivre libre de l'espace /freedom of living in space tattoo


Tattoos : a-n-t-o-i-n-e-w

Elephant tattoo

Dicas de Mulher
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owl tattoo watercolor - Google Search

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I want to get this for me and my two sisters

Tattoos <3 on Pinterest

elephant watercolor tattoo by Russell Van Schaick

Russell Van Schaick on Instagram: “Did this cute little booger based of an image she brought in. We named him Noodle! #watercolor #watercolortattoo #watercolour…”

small-tattoos-girls-54.jpg (600×600)

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This subtle Peter Pan hat. | 41 Disney Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Get Inked


41 Disney Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Get Inked

#hummingbird #watercolor #tattoo

Art and Design
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A tat for my SS & I!! Combines her love for fairies w/my love for dragonflies & our mutual love for tats!

Sexy Tattoos Design For Girls

A dragonfly accepts it’s brevity of life, with its gossamer wings feeling the breeze. Full of freedom, it watches our joy and our strife. Its wisdom learned flitting from water to air to trees. With wings that shimmer showing purpose and duty Obedient to all of life’s changes in flight. Modestly it shows us its outer beauty. Always gracious, mindful and full of delight. So whether what life gives you is good, bad, or sad, show others that inner beauty counts a...

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12 Dainty Hummingbird Tattoos

12 Dainty Hummingbird Tattoos |


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