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Recommended Movies

Recommended Movies

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Kipper is good for the heart and mind.

Christmas movie

King of Kensington

Jennifer Jason Leigh in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

Great British film

Gone with the Wind

pat the bunny!

Still makes me cry


  • Kevin Harmon
    Kevin Harmon

    My tongue! My tongue!

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    It was a much different story when he became a horny teen...

Guess what I always want to watch when I wake up to some fresh, white snow?

I know, it's hard to watch... but it keeps it real in your mind's eye if you aren't able to create a visible image in your own mind. I can, but I know several people who said they'd never thought to try picturing it.

"Are you all white?" asks duck when a bucket of white paint lands on little bear.

Dr. Zhivago - loved the movie music score.


Great Historical Fiction. May make you rethink wanting to live in a castle of royalty!

♥ this movie, please share with someone, great teaching of tolerance and acceptance.

"Pure Country" starring Geroge Strait sining his famous song "I Cross My Heart". Be sure to have the tissues out.

LOTR Really Great Movies! A Classic, but too long story get ready to cut 24 Hours in Your Life!

The Crow starring Brandon Lee, a story about a man who comes back from death to avenge the killing of his most loved, was dark, creepy, violent - and weirdly - about what love means. Brandon Lee died during filming making this film all the more poignant & creepy.

NBC's show #LIFE concerned a cop who was unjustly put in prison for murder. 12 years later, new evidence frees him, but he's changed a bit. This was one of those cult shows that nobody got when it was on, but was incredible #TV nonetheless.