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Solar System Poster

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An entire collect of NASA Earth images from satellite including a National Parks option!
Explore SVS to find scientific videos that support your curriculum
NASA VR / 360 multimedia for Planetarium Shows and Informal Education. Each are about 5 minutes and theres 2.5 hours worth!

Open Resources

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This panorama is a derivative combining star visualizations by Ernie Wright from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio (Gaia DR2: ESA/Gaia/DPAC) and "James Webb Space Telescope Artist Conception" by NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez (licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Equirectangular Images

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When astronauts set foot on Mars, they may stay for months rather than days as they did during Apollo missions to the moon. The surface of Mars has extreme temperatures and the atmosphere does not provide adequate protection from high-energy radiation. These explorers will need shelters to effectively protect them from the harsh Martian environment and provide a safe place to call home.


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NASA eClips

Our Partners

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Color enhanced view of the atmosphere of the Sun.
Two Rovers to Roll on Mars Again: Curiosity and Mars 2020 | NASA


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Mars Guy

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For Fun

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Mission Overview and Countdown to Mars Live Webinar Event
Observing Earth from Space Webinar
Webinar on Sample Return from Asteroid Bennu

Science Talks

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Ele estar voltando

Black Hole Week

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A middle school lesson (grades 5-8) on phases of the moon that is fully online. Includes full lesson plans and NGSS alignment documents. This lesson uses the Sun, Earth, Moon model and an AI friend LuCia, to construct moon phases and tease out misconceptions about the Moons position in Earth orbit. Includes full transition from solar system view to the view from Earth to keep your students mentally connected to where they are in 3-dimensional space.
A lesson on star life cycles, fully online and includes full lesson plans and NGSS alignment documents. This lesson uses a stellar nursery model to create stars of various sizes and scientific ways of knowing to tease out misconceptions about stars and their life cycles. Includes the HR diagram that follows the star through it's life cycle, a composition graph demonstrating elements at fusion during the life cycle, and planets around these stars!

Space Explorations

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Hubble Space
Nasa Planets, Planets And Moons
Jupiter Planet, Jupiter Moons
Ceres Planet, Pluto Planet, Dwarf Planet
Uranus Poster - Version C | NASA Solar System Exploration
Saturn Poster - Version C | NASA Solar System Exploration
Dimension Photo