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The Book Youre Not Supposed to Have

10 Picture books older kids will enjoy.

These imaginative, funny, touching and creative titles are great picture books for 6 year olds. Don't stop reading picture books to older children!

no screentime until

Do you have screentime rules in the summer? It's so easy to get away from routine without the natural schedule of the school day. Here are some ideas!

A collection of books to help kids make friends.  These ten titles are great for sparking a conversation with kids about making new friends.

A great book list for talking about making friends when kids are heading back to school. Ten books that include both new and well-loved books for kids to help kids navigate that tough issue of making friends.

build empathy with children's books about mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and OCD

Children's Books suitable for introducing, discussing and building empathy about mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and OCD. Range of books suitable for Years

Transitioning to School - For Parents

How do I increase my child’s intelligence? During the first 5 years of a child’s life of their brain development takes place.

AHA! Peace Builders – A Student-led Initiative to Positively…

Disciplining children doesn’t necessarily mean punishment. Rather it is to train or develop by instruction or exercise, according to Webster’s Dictionary definition.

Breast, Bottle or Both

Can't decide whether to breast or bottle feed your new baby? Here are the top risks, facts and information you need to know first

Play at preschools is extremely important because of the skills children learn…

Play at preschools is extremely important because of the skills children learn through play. Let's look at some of the learnings kids can get through play.

Language learning has so many knock-on benefits, that even if kids don’t pursue…

Half of nurseries in England will struggle to offer extended free care for pre-schoolers, a survey by the National Day Nurseries Association suggests.

Here is Part 2 of Grief for Teens. In this article, Linda Nuyts will talk…

Here is Part 2 of Grief for Teens. In this article, Linda Nuyts will talk about the grief process in detail.

Discipline: It's not always that simple!

Boy and Toy Fire Truck series A toddler laying down on the ground smiling and playing with a toy fire truck outside in the summer.