this would be fun to do! Teamwork activity!

LOVE THIS GAME. We called it atomic waste. Everyone has to work together to get the balls from one bucket into the other without spilling. Great ice breaker/team building activity for class

Index of 53 group games (ice breakers, team-building games, etc.) that are great for promoting unity, teamwork, camaraderie, or for teaching valuable lessons. Instructions, rules, variations, etc., are included.

List of icebreakers, team-building games, etc. My favorites were always Killer Wink and Human Knot back when I was in/worked with the youth group. In case I ever need this again. Love this game it was always my favorite

ice breaker games (originally intended for the classroom, but would work great any time)

POSTER: 7 Easy Icebreakers for your HIGH FIVE BUDDY! You Can Do With Post-It Notes - these are some fun icebreakers, good for the beginning of school and for substitutes too.

Team building activities

Team Compliments Card Freebie (Our Team Rocks!) This is a quick team builder activity that works wonders when your teams are having trouble getting along.

great idea,using the students' photos to present the rules

Great way to display class rules, reminders, etc. Use student photos with speech bubbles. Also use students to discuss class rules that they would enjoy having. This way they are responsible when they break the rules.

Indoor Games for Team Building

8 Amusing Indoor Games That Help in Effective Team Building

Strong relationships = strong teams

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