LOVE it!!!

Dog in a hoodie! I absolutely love dogs in hoodies.please people, if you own a dog please dress him/her in their hoodies and snap the pic. I would be very grateful ! So Sweet!


25 Cutest Puppies Ever

This photo gallery includes photos of the cutest Pug puppies as well as cute pictures of adult Pugs. Pugs are a short faced, wrinkled, small breed of dog.

How sweet!!

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Oh my gosh!  How CUTE!!

Cute Puppy in a Shirt

Yorkies are so cute! I want a teacup Yorkie so bad! I love the Yorkies I have, BUT. Teacups are too cute for words.

Hahaha, too funny!!

Let this insanely squee-inducing collection of 22 puppy photos brighten your afternoon!


a set of pug puppies in a basket

I want these pugs!My friend has a pug we dress him up and take a picture of him he is so cute!I love him!

How CUTE!!!

To make up for that crap I just posted, here's an adorable pic of a puppy in a wee rocking chair.

How Cute!

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