Pick a small wall and fill it full of artwork. Then add a grounding punch with bold upholstery and heirloom furniture.

Create An Eclectic Gallery Wall!

Gallery wall art (and pink chairs). OK I want this in my house right now! I love the randomness of the pictures, the variety of colors and of course who could say no to hot pink chairs! Absolutely my style!

Lost and Found: The New York City Apartment of KleinReid

A beautiful wall color paired with eclectic art

The blue wall above (photo by Jonny Valliant/Tripod Agency) is a very good example of how to display different objects in a pretty chaotic order.

Hardest Water By Winston Chmielinski

Check out the Twyla piece, Hardest Water by Winston Chmielinski. Twyla offers framed, limited edition works of art you can’t find anywhere else.

Flower Crown - Figurative - Our Product

Saatchi Art: Backstage, 2015 Painting by Fanny Nushka


The dot issue

transforms the magazine's iconic covers into works of art and gives us "Vague"