Flowers & Crow

Halloween Floral Ball with Crow from Michaels Stores! We love the feather crow!

Crow Candelabra

(Well, if I had a bigger house & didn't have cats who would rip this apart!

Skulls and Roses

Skulls and Red Roses Halloween Wreath

Lampshades with no shades

Little Lovables: Halloween Black & White Elegance great collection of elegant, spooky Halloween ideas

Owls at the entry

Owl Night Watchers-A pair of wide-eyed owls guard the front door. To make their perches, use a few bare branches-Paint branches black and wedge into place. Print the Owl Template-How to Make the Owl Night Watchers

Owls + Ravens 2

Owls + Ravens 2

The owls are watching you....

Inspired MStevens: Halloween Is For The Birds

Owls and Ravens

Owls and Ravens

Beaded Skull

Beeswax Candle BIG Skull Shaped Candle in Black