7 creative ideas for jewelry storage, from DIY projects to  using unexpected objects around the house.

Jewelry storage ideas for any decor

Gold Faux Deer Antler Rack // Jewelry Holder // Scarf Holder // Mug Holder.ican do this, hopefully scott won't mind if i paint some of his antlers gold haha

Kai cuff bracelet gemstone cuff gold bracelet

Kai cuff bracelet - gemstone cuff, gold bracelet, gold cuff bracelet, sapphire, clear quartz, aqua apatite, rough amethyst gemstone, hawaii

Mint Branch Wall Hanging Wooden Hook

Mint branch wall hanging wooden hook ombre shabby chic jewelry organizer theteam housewares kitchenwares rusteam key holder by Victor Baymut

I would probably need something of this caliber. Wall Mounted Tree Jewelry Display.

Wall Mounted Tree Jewelry Display - Always looking for ideas to organize my mess of necklaces. Liking this!

how adorable is this?

Alice's Cup & Saucer 8

Alice's Cup & Saucer 8 need a tea set to always be on my coffee table