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Mom's Style

This board is dedicated to everything my mother likes. A short insight to a unique individual who has sculpted the person I am today. We are very different, live in different countries, but she has inspired me all through my life to follow my dreams and never be afraid. She is an amazing woman whom I look up to. I've learned a lot from her & I love her so much!

Mom's Style

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What makes my mother smile? Recycling. Donating. Volunteering. Gardening. Quality champagne. Nature. Butterflies. Things made in the USA. But most of all, I think the days we spend together make her smile inside & out #uncommon #contest

"The Little Match Girl" by Hans Christian Andersen. My mother used to read this book to me. It was my favorite. I always thought it was about dreaming big. But each time after reading it, my mom told me to always be grateful for what I had no matter how little, because our ancestors struggled like this. We would then thank God for blessing us, and thank our ancestors for making it through the struggle. #uncommon #contest

The Little Match Girl

Mom's favorite dessert (and sometimes breakfast) is a deliciously fresh Fruit Tart #uncommon #contest

When my mom was younger, she was a bright entrepreneur. A university graduate, she earned her Master's degree in business from Loyola. She had her own lithography company. She was a model in New York. She was an artist. She also was an avid world traveller. And yes, she loved to garden #uncommon #contest

Home for the holidays means: Free gift re-wrapping by TSA! :-/ #uncommon #contest

Best Family Vacation: Australia. We went during their summer season. She caught up with her best friend from college. We opened Christmas cards in 85 degree weather at the pool (pictured). We threw boomerangs & played digeridoos. We played with kangaroos. We watched New Year's Eve fireworks over the harbor. And had dinner with Vietnam Veterans whose platoon housed her father (RIP) during the war #uncommon #contest

Mother always told me #uncommon #contest

Best advice my mom gave to me: Home is where your journey begins. Blaze a trail. Cherish moments. Feed your soul. Never stop learning. Do your best. And most importantly, Celebrate family. ♥

The ONLY fragrance my mom wears. What can I say, she's a classy lady! #uncommon #contest

When my mom is not at work, you will catch her in her favorite Garden Walk Long Dress. She puts on her dress in the morning, makes a pot of coffee, puts on her straw hat, and goes outside to water the plants and let the cats out :) #uncommon #contest

My mom makes a beautiful garden! But she has always wanted a hedge maze. I promised her that one day, I will buy her a house, and she can have her own hedge maze. #uncommon #contest

I don't have any pictures of my childhood home, and I remember moving around a lot. But Chicago is my city of birth and the city that raised me. I spent most of my days with my mom here, on North Avenue Beach :) #uncommon #contest

Chicago/Lincoln Park-Old Town - Wikitravel

One of my mom's many artistic gifts was making Wire Art. The one I remember specifically was of a woman in multi-colored wire, and looked similar to this rendition of Josephine Baker by Joseph Calder #uncommon #contest

My mom used to sing to me all the time. She made a song for me called, "My little Ingrid." Sometimes, she still sings it to me ♥ #uncommon #contest

Mom's purse. Simple. Black. Leather. Made in USA #uncommon #contest

Sauerkraut. All-time favorite dish my mom used to make! Hers was a 3 day process #uncommon #contest

Something from Uncommon Goods my mom would like: Plastic bag holder & garbage can. Brilliant! miUSA #uncommon #contest

Uncommon Goods: Wall art made of reclaimed wood, hand-painted Tree of Life, and glow-in-the-dark! miUSA #uncommon #contest

Something from Uncommon Goods mom would like: Kneeling pad for gardening. Made in Wisconsin, USA out of a tire! (I already ordered this for her, shh!) #uncommon #contest

Win up to a $250 shopping spree for you and your mom.* Just repin this image below to a Mother's Day board, follow the instructions, and leave a link to your finished board in the comments below, or the pin on our Pinterest board. Let your Mom know why she's the best with this board #uncommon #contest