House of Ruins by NRJA

The Grow Box residence occupies the perfect spot on a plot to allow the surrounding Japanese maple trees to thrive. MERGE architects designed the house for an MIT University professor, his wife and their young son as a cozy, elegant home that blurs the line between interior and exterior. Clad in weathering steel, the eye-catching home blends well with its environment.

The students drew inspiration from their study abroad trip to Nagano and Tokyo, where they toured a variety of Japanese buildings, from a 16th century timber castle to a self-built concrete house.

Orvis Airstream

BONE Structure completed a luxury net-zero home in California for Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson.


The interior continues the theme of organic materials, featuring leather and wood that brings warmth to the living spaces.

The small dwelling is heated with a wood-fired stove.

Taipei micro apartment by A Little Design

World's First Tesla Town - YarraBend

Casa Candelaria is located in Mexico City’s highlands, just outside San Miguel de Allende.

Tucked within its small footprint is a treasure trove of luxuries, all designed to house a small family on vacation.

The owner especially chose concrete as the main building material to maximize safety.

Off-grid cabin by Ark Shelter

Its modular structure makes it easy to differentiate between full and empty spaces, occupied areas, circulation, and terraces.

Buckminster Fuller Awards Semi-Finalist

The homes blend modern architecture with Hawaiian vernacular.

Straw bales are used to create a home's walls inside of a frame, replacing other building materials such as concrete, wood, gypsum, plaster, fiberglass, or stone.

The Loma Linda 2 single-family home mimics its neighbor with the same rusted-metal gates, which keep direct sunlight at bay for those enjoying a day outside on the stylish patio.

Ecoliv designed and built a prefab, off-grid farmhouse on Australia's French Island.


The house, called Moving Landscapes, is located near the city of Ahmedabad in India.

Zach Both quit his desk job to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle in a van he converted into a solar-powered mobile home.


Method Homes unveils their affordable modular Elemental Series | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


Brahma-Architects' LAHO House in Israel combines with stucco with a colorful recycled wooden wall.


Brahma-Architects' LAHO House in Israel combines with stucco with a colorful recycled wooden wall.


icelandic turf house