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Inner Pieces Gallery

Supporting children's learning by designing educational printables, sharing inspiring book finds, and of course pinning great resources.

Once I began this method, my dyslexic son not only learned his sight words easily, he enjoyed learning them as well!

Does your child have trouble with others being able to read her writing, or with organizing thoughts on paper? Here are some ways to talk about these difficulties, which can be signs of #dysgraphia.

Learning Disability or Learning Difference?

Guest blogger Social Studies Success teaches us a better way to teach vocabulary, for both students AND teachers. Fun and effective for a variety of learning styles and challenges.

Learning disabilities and writing, Part 2 | "WriteShop’s lessons tend to work well for many types of learning-disabled children because of their explicit instructions and requirements.” – Nancy, learning specialist

Learning Disabilities and Writing | Three common learning difficulties that can affect the writing process

The 10 best things you're not doing for your homeschool. This is so, so good and spot-on.

What Does My Child Need to Learn? (Age 2- Grade 2 Learning Objectives). Part one of the Hands-on Homeschooling series.

7 Things I did to ruin our homeschool! Don't make the same mistakes I did! The things I learned from homeschooling in the last 10 years!

Free Homeschool Curriculum- Links to online freebies for every subject, organized by topic and grade. A fantastic resource for Homeschoolers! AMAZING LINKS!!!

Classification and Legos - wonderful post on using Legos to explore classification of living organisms, including making your own creations and classifying them accordingly.

Dozens and dozens of links to great homeschool resources--many of them free! Don't miss these links to freebies, ideas, books and printables that can help any homeschooler! Vibrant Homeschooling

13 Homeschool Blogs You Should be Reading! Great list of both popular and newer blogs that are rocking it in everything from inspiration to free worksheets to science and more!

Most of us played hide and seek when we were children and just about all children know the game. It’s a deceptively simple game that involves many skills.Try playing this version to build auditory processing skills. Objectives: Auditory Processing, Object permanence, Turn taking, Patience, Critical thinking.

Adorable way to celebrate a birthday for a student as a gift from you and as classroom decor (on wall?)

Use this fun illustration to teach kids to be flexible instead of rigid! - nice illustration for the classroom!

Frames filled with cork board- change out kids art

tool box for legos. Awesome idea!

Looks like a great game! Look at the overlapped shapes in the middle and choose which ones are included along the edges.

The cutest bathing suit I have ever seen for a little girl!

One of many quote coloring sheets available on this website. Great for early finishers, shortened class periods, inside recess, etc.