Angelika's Treasures: Punnik Bloemen - Spool Knitted flower

Spool knitting How to French spool Knit tutorial pattern

French knitted flowers ♥ cute

heather-beads: bobbin along Perhaps try French knitting method & replace centre with Dorset Button?

brain hat.  regular hat with i-cord brain.

Brain Hat by Alana Noritake

Brain Beanie Make yourself look like an evil genius with a brain so potent that it cannot be contained in a puny mortal skull! This DIY brain beanie knitting pattern is perfect for those who love arts.

FitzBirch Crafts: Braided Cowl. This is done on circular needles. But I'm going to try doing this on a loom or a French loom. ♥LLKW-MRS♥ Well I'm going to give it try.

The braid is one of the most elegant and simple patterns out there. It creates texture and keeps your eye moving despite being so easy to create. Now you can take this classic pattern with you wherever you go with the Cable Braid Cowl. This free knit

Ravelry: Soft I-Cord Necklaces to Knit pattern by Val Love

Soft I-Cord Necklaces to Knit pattern by Val Love

VERY EASY – This Collar and 2 other necklaces are made from I-cord.

Great idea for French or Spool Knitted gifts

How to Make Flowers from I-cord or French Knitting - fast and easy to do i-cords on the machine.