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Door Protection Products

Prevent door dents, scrapes and scratches from carts, wheelchairs or beds with InPro Door Protection.

Door Protection Products

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Accessories, Tools & Adhesives: Use InPro accessories, tools & adhesives to make your project run smoothly.

Tools and Adhesives | IPC

Kickplates: Protect doors from scratches and dents with a kickplate cut to your specifications.

Door Knob Protectors: Door knob protectors prevent damage to walls from door knobs or levers whether installed on the door or on the wall

Door Edge Protectors: Door edge protectors can cover existing damage and prevent against future damage. In stainless steel or a variety of rigid vinyl colors, door edge protectors are a great way to save interior doors.

Door Frame Guards: Protect door frames from damage by carts, beds, luggage and wheelchairs. Door frame guards can be custom formed to ensure a perfect fit and lasting protection.

Door Frame Guards | IPC | Inpro Corporation