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Burned, Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery

Simon Stålenhag Art GalleryThis artist is amazing and creates some narrative, post-conflict/apocalyptic paintings in very naturalistic style that makes them seem all too real.

Piotr Jabłoński Tribe 02

Piotr Jabłoński Tribe 02

Jakub rozalski 1920 polanian resistance

new painting from the upcoming video game (RTS) set in my world, introducing Anna, main character from the Polania campaign. and her band of brothers : )

The dark retro-futuristic illustrations by Jakub Rozalski

::equipment from a former age, left to rust and molder:: ArtStation - 1920 - retired veteran, Jakub Rozalski

Giger, Pilot in the Cockpit

‘Alien’ guest essay: Looking back in horror to 1979

Ghost in the Shell — MACIEJ KUCIARA

Ghost in the Shell