Button Tree

This painting is titled "Perfect Day." It measures on canvas. I used buttons in replace of leaves. This can be purchased at [link] Button Tree Acrylic Painting


green swings ~ i've been made fun of my entire life for loving swinging. i think it was about me being able to be in control of my freedom from chaos. (i don't know what was the prob w/the peeps who were hatin')

just what I want

Hands of a thousand stories! Photo by Ludmila Yilmaz. ~the grace and beauty and wisdom of life long lived.

I love to travel in style! Right now all my luggage matches but if i go to paris i will make an exception for this suitcase!

sundays. most days.

Today I just want to stay in bed, drink hot tea and browse the internet.

My Silver Moroccan teapot, my Moroccan tea-glasses, and enjoying a languid summer's evening sipping my sweetened Mint Tea . dreaming of Morocco .