Germaine Krull (1897 - 1985). @designerwallace

ser mais de um, no mundo — Jean Moral - Double Portrait, 1927

Jean Cocteau Germaine Krull (French, 1897–1985)

the-night-picture-collector: “ Germaine Krull, Jean Cocteau, 1929 ”

Jean Cocteau (author, artist, filmmaker) founded Club des amis des chats (The club of cat friends).

Serge Lido - Jean Cocteau with cat, … via Daniel Blau

inneroptics: “ Germaine Krull – BERTHE KRULL, 1927 ”

Berthe Krull photographed by Germaine Krull, 1927

MARSEILLE before 1930 Photo: Germaine Krull

Marseille before 1930

Germaine Krull

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Germaine Krull (1897-1985) led an extraordinary life that spanned nine decades and four continents. She witnessed many of the high points of modernism and recorded some of the major upheavals of the twentieth century. germaine-krull-c3a9tudes-de-nu-1930.jpg (631×430)

Métal more impressive : Études de nu Germaine Krull Photography

Germaine Krull (1897-1985), Mannequin, 1925

Germaine Krull (1897-1985), Mannequin, 1925

Germaine KRULL (1897-1985)

Germaine KRULL - all things amazing

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Germaine Krull photographer ca.

Germaine Krull1. Berthe Krull 1923

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Germaine Krull, Saving Mudra, 1950er/1981, Silbergelatinebaryt, 16,1 x 11,4 cm.

Germaine Krull, Saving Mudra, Silbergelatinebaryt, x cm.

date unknown  Germaine Krull. German Photographer (1897 - 1985)

date unknown Germaine Krull.

Artist Germaine Krull - FindArtinfo

Artist Germaine Krull - FindArtinfo

Germaine Krull - Études de nu

Germaine Krull - Études de nu

Joris Ivens et Germaine Krull

Joris Ivens et Germaine Krull