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The Fourth verse of The Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key

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Timothy Leary quote on women who see to be equal with men

Women who seek to, Quotes

Coco Chanel quote on dressing impeccably

Dress shabbily and they, Quotes

Quote on nagging

Women only nag when, Quotes

Mae West quote on being a model woman

I’m no model, Quotes

Audrey Hepburn on sex appeal

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Ann Richards quote on Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing

After all ginger rogers, Quotes

Margaret Thatcher on Politics

In politics if you, Quotes

Elizabeth Peters quote on what women want from a man

No woman really wants, Quotes

Virginia Woolf quote on men

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Nora Ephron quote on being a heroine

Nora Ephron quote – Above all be the heroine…

Brigham Young quote on education

You educate a man, Quotes

John Lennon quote on idiots...

As usual there is, Quotes

Joseph Conrad quote on dealing with men

Being a woman is, Quotes

Laurel Ulrich quote on well behaved women, LOL

Well behaved women, Quotes

Virginia Woolf quote on women and history

For most of history, Quotes

Eleanor Roosevelt quote on how strong women are

A woman is like, Quotes

Groucho Marx quote - humor is reason gone mad

Humor is reason, Quotes

Mark Twain quote - What would men be without women?

What would men be, Quotes

Christopher Paolini quote on tricking fools

Because you can’t argue, Quotes

Cassandra Clare quote on wit and pain

My rapier wit hides, Quotes

Steve Martin quote on having a way with words

Some people have a, Quotes

Winston Churchill quote

History will be kind, Quotes

Edgar Allan Poe quote

I have great faith, Quotes

George Carlin quote on other drivers

Have you ever noticed, Quotes