Khione Snow

Khione Snow

I'm pinning my character's profiles from the book I'm writing about. I hope you find this interesting :)!
Khione Snow
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I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, "because of you I didn't give up." I want to be that kind of teacher

.Piano pin

love red life hippie hipster vintage boho indie Grunge flowers peace bohemian freedom peace and love free spirit Spiritual free spirit flower child hippister

Skinny jeans + flannel shirt + graphic tee + tan purse and booties yup my kinda style.If I could wear something forever it would be flannel and jeans :)

Mustard skirt, blue cardigan, knee-high socks, beige oxfords

high rise skirt with belt, knee socks and cardigan! the most adorable outfit for fall - so cute, I love it, and orange white and blue is so pretty KNEE SOCKS AND SKIRT

camera, cool, hipster, indie, photography

Dream 26 - Start a camera collection. I have quite a few dreams orientated around cameras and photography. As well as learning how to .