He may be out of office, but still greeting our troops. Great man!!! He treated the women like they were his daughters and the young men like they were his sons. After moving back to Dallas, he and Laura would go to the airport to greet the troupes.

we love our Soldiers! I was 19 when my dad went and came back from Iraq...this is how I picture myself when he came back. Forever Daddy's little girl!


Some of these things that other people think we do is depressing. I went to school after a great portion of my life homeschooled. Everybody thought I was an unsocialized introvert. But then, the second week came... They didn't know what hit them.


The Army's Strange Fascination with Pixelated Camouflage

There's a lot of brown in Afghanistan, says one aggrieved soldier, but the U.S. Army's camo print contains not a speck. Standard-issue uniforms come in ...