Max and Chloe - Life is Strange

Max and Chloe- Life is strange was an interesting game. You can reverse time in it, and it's one of those "decisions" games.

It's Over Now, Stay Close by wildernessspirits. Life is strange fan artwork

wildernessspirits: It’s Over Now, Stay CloseSpeedpaint hereFor Sale on RedBubble here [x]

life is strange, victoria chase, max caulfield, chloe price, rachel amber, kate marsh, red string, black&white, fanart

If Life is Strange was a jdrama. Last Friends parody Last Friends-Life is Strange

Wouldn't it be great if they made a prequel video game of Life Is Strange, when Rachel would be the main character and we know more about her?

Life is Strange Game, Fan Art, Cosplay. a commission of rachel amber from life is strange

Life is Strange: Chloe X Max This couple gave me so many feels ;-; I loved Life is Strange so much

Max x Chloe (Life Is Strange) - c-dra: Max & Chloe color version